• Patol Limited is a privately owned British company.The headquarters are located near Reading, at Padworth in Berkshire, U.K. Patol Limited is primarily concerned with the provision of safety related equipment & systems of all kinds. FIRE SECURITY PROCESS

• In addition to manufacturing its own range of products, Patol can undertake "Turn Key" projects encompassing all aspects including special electronic equipment & software design, system engineering, contractor management, installation and maintenance.
Patol's Key Personnel have many years experience in dealing with significant clients & technology sectors such as :-

Power Generation - G.E.G.B., British Energy, Nuclear Electric, U.K.A.E.A., Magnox, Guangdong Power, S.S.E.B, Botswanna Power, G.E.C. Alsthom, Scottish Nuclear, N.I.E.B., Electricity Supply Board (Eire)

Process & Industrial - I.C.I., Vauxhall Motors, Zenica, Snamprogetti, British Steel, Zambia Copper Mines, N.C.B.

Military - Atomic Weapons Establishment, M.O.D., Alvis, Brown Root Vickers, British Aerospace, Forward Industries.

• Transport Systems, Prisons & Public Utilities - London Underground Ltd., Home Office (UK), H.M. Land Registry Office, Glasgow Underground, British Rail, Tyne & Wear Metro, Magistrates Courts, Docklands Light Railway, Road Tunnels, N.H.S. Hospitals, HMYOI Portland, HMPs Parkhurst, Elmley, Wood Hill, The Mount etc.

• Petro-Chem, Off Shore & Maritime - E.S.S.O., Texaco, British Petroleum, Svenska Skum, British Gas, Shell, Cunard, Bechtel, Harland & Wolf, Petrogal, Kuwait petrolium, IROS.

• Overseas / Exported Systems - Shajaio C Power Station site fire systems (China), Tobruk Oil Terminal fire detection & pump control (Libya), Ammonia/Urea Plant process monitoring & shut down (Pakistan), Fire detection & extinguishing control (Bahrain), Guangdong Power Station LHDC cable flat monitoring (China), Copper Mine cable tunnel LHDC fire detection (Zambia), Rotterdam Tank Rim Seal detection (Netherlands), Dushanzi Butadine & Ethylene Plants gas detection & fire protection (China), Tank Seal fire detection & foam extinguishing control systems (Leven Island), Power Station cable tunnel LHDC detection (Botswanna), etc. ..